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Feb 21,2021 / PPS Kia

With the Kia Seltos ex-showroom price starting at Rs.9.69, here we tell you what it’s worth

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Since the global launch of the Kia Seltos in later part of June this year, there has been a lot of speculation about the variants, features and the price of the car.  While the different variants and features of the Kia Seltos have been announced in August, here we look at the detailed review with the attached price tag for different variants;

The Kia Seltos is 5-seater SUV, similar to the new generation Creta with a whole new level of refinement, comfort and features. The Kia Seltos comes with a futuristic design. For example, the new LED headlamps along with the turn indicators and the prominent tiger nose grille, make the first look of the Kia Seltos quite attractive.

Moving inside, the detailing on the interiors, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the cabin are extremely classy – like the touch and feel of the material used in the Kia Seltos. The leather wrapped steering, the door pads and soft touch plastics add to the plush experience, while hard plastics have still been used for the dashboard and upper door pads, the quality remains top notch.

The interiors of the Kia Seltos has a host of features, starting with the 10’25 inch touchscreen, 7 inch MID in the instrument cluster, ventilated seats. While these are just some of the features to begin with, what sets Kia Seltos apart is the integration of a range of features to these like the central air purifier system, a world’s first, which displays the air quality index on the display, There is also a perfume diffuser and a heads up display for the navigation ,so you don’t have to take your eyes of the road. That’s not all, the 360-degree camera not only makes parking easier, also makes lane changing safer, because as soon as you hit the indicator a blind spot camera shows you what you could miss out on the side view mirrors.

Depending the trim line that you select, you also get ambient lighting that bounce in tune with the music. This experience inside the cabin is also enhanced by the level of sound insulation you get. Kis has paid special attention to that; Not only have they used soundproof material across the cabin, but they’ve also thickened the windshield and the side glasses in the drive shaft, making the cabin of the Kia Seltos a really place to be in.

Safety wise, the cabin comes with 6 air bags and a mono coupe structure, but the safety features extend beyond just these – the buttons on the rear-view mirror which send out distress calls in times of emergency. With, the Voice command system is rather very intuitive in a sense that it can control the cabin temperature, besides changing the music tracks for you. The build quality is closely comparable to the German cars.

As has been touted to be the major highlight, Kia does offer a range of engine options, the first for any Indian car, the 7 speed DCT being the catch for the enthusiasts.  You also get driving modes, that help you select the traction for different terrains and three drive modes to choose among normal, eco and sport that’s can change the engine map and the weight of the steering. While the automatic transmission manages to be smooth, it isn’t as fast as the 7 speed DCT.

The Ride quality of the Kia Seltos remains phenomenal despite the kind of the road being driven on smooth highways, back roads and even bad roads. Whatever has come along its way the Kia Seltos hasn’t failed to impress, with no shocks transferred to the cabin and minimal body roll.

The finer things in life come with a price and so does the Kia Seltos. Here’s detailed comparison of the prices of the different variants –

Kia Seltos HT Line Variant- wise prices (Ex- Showroom)

Variant1.5 Petrol

1.5 diesel

Seltos THERs.9.69 lakhRs. 9.99 lakh
Seltos HTKRs.9.99 lakhRs. 11.19 lakh
Seltos HTK+Rs. 11.19 lakhRs. 12.19 lakh
Seltos HTK+ ATRs. 13.19 lakh
Seltos HTXRs. 12.79 lakhRs. 13.79 lakh
Seltos HTX ATRs.13.79 lakh 
Seltos HTX+Rs. 14.99 lakh
Seltos HTX+ATRs 15.99 lakh


Kia Seltos GT Line Variant – Wise Prices (Ex- Showroom)


1.4 petrol

Seltos GTKRs. 13. 49 lakh
Seltos GTXRs. 14.99 lakh
Seltos GTX ATRs. 15.99 lakh
Seltos GTX+Rs. 15.99 lakh


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